The ‘socumentary’: A new, unique conservation platform

The #AlbatrossStories project is an RSPB-led campaign in collaboration with BirdLife International and the British Antarctic Survey and funded by the government’s Darwin Plus Initiative and the South Georgia Heritage Trust.

After mapping out a 12-month communications strategy and workplan, MWC creates content for and manages #AlbatrossStories’ Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook channels. From ‘science bracelets’ and new-born chicks to teenage romances and avian affairs, we translate the highs and lows of threatened albatross species on Bird Island, South Georgia, into captivating, relatable and digestible stories – or what we like to call ‘socumentaries’.

With a combination of HD albatross photography, camera trap timelapses, gifs, and campaign videos, MWC uses digital messaging to sow the seeds of change all the way across the world in Japan. With the project’s continued success, we aim to show the high value tuna supply chain in Japan just how much their customers care about these creatures that are so often caught as bycatch and killed by their fleets.

MWC has also provided the RSPB with capacity building and social media training, and helps with blog planning, content, and editing.