Katrina RYAN



Katrina is an oceans-obsessive, fish fanatic and sea-cucumber aficionado. Katrina has previously worked in the UK Parliament, and internationally, in sustainability policy and communications. 

She holds a Masters in Modern Languages and speaks both French and Spanish. A keen painter and marathon runner, she lives on the coast in Cornwall, where sea swimming opportunities abound. Get in touch! 



Harriet Yates-Smith

Project Manager


Harriet’s love for all things marine started on an island knee deep in mud whilst studying the macrofauna of mudflats. Things got slightly more glamorous as she moved on to the Blue Marine Foundation and Marine Biological Association until reaching the Severn Estuary Partnership where she engaged communities on sewer misuse and marine litter! 

Now, Harriet has found her place with Mindfully Wired Communications where she combines creativity with her ability to talk to anyone about anything to tell a new story of sustainability.


Ginny Russell 

Communications Officer 


Ginny is a Marine Biologist who has always loved the sea. She grew up next to it and spent her childhood fishing with her dad from a small Hampshire harbour. Her marine career has been eclectic so far, ranging from academic research at Oxford, to wildlife tours in Cornwall, but it’s her passion for science communication that brought her to Mindfully Wired. She has spent time living in rural fishing communities and when not working for the ocean, Ginny is either on it, in it or under it, as an avid sailor, surfer and diver.