Katrina RYAN



Katrina is an oceans-obsessive, fish fanatic and sea-cucumber aficionado. Katrina has previously worked in the UK Parliament, and internationally, in sustainability policy and communications. 

She holds a Masters in Modern Languages and speaks both French and Spanish. A keen painter and marathon runner, she splits her time between the stunning Cornish coast, dreamy Somerset countryside, and wherever MWC's growing client list takes her.



Harriet Yates-Smith

Project Manager


Harriet’s love for all things marine started on an island knee deep in mud whilst studying the macrofauna of mudflats. Things got slightly more glamorous as she moved on to the Blue Marine Foundation and Marine Biological Association until reaching the Severn Estuary Partnership where she engaged communities on sewer misuse and marine litter! 

Now, Harriet has found her place with Mindfully Wired Communications where she combines creativity with her ability to talk to anyone about anything to tell a new story of sustainability.


Sara Mynott

Policy Projects Manager


Sara is our very own sea specialist, with a PhD in marine ecology. Her ocean science adventures have sent her delving into Cornish rock pools, hauling creels in the Clyde and pouring over papers in many a marine lab.

She's worked with the Welsh Government, studied sustainable fishing and spent time in #scicomm too! 

Now, at Mindfully Wired, Sara combines her passions to share all things marine with practitioners, politicians and citizens alike. 

Noa leach

Communications Officer


Noa grew up surfing, sailing, snorkelling, and painting the sea. With a First in English, she sees her passion for visual and written storytelling as the key to engaging non-scientists in the conservation message. She draws inspiration from her name in her mission to sail the seas while saving the world – like Noah, just without the beard!

Communications connoisseur, her witty copy and creative ideas are not wasted; starting her conservation career working on projects from Kenya to Sri Lanka, Noa now produces content at Mindfully Wired.


29101215_10213405508925613_6214443207703396352_o (1).jpg

Jacob ashton

Mindfully Wired Intern


Jacob has always had a deep-rooted interest in the natural world and how it interacts with people. He first became fully aware of the gap between scientific understanding and real-world application during his scientific degree. His love for the underwater world has taken him from the Red Sea, to Costa Rica, and eventually to the murky depths of London suburbia.

Working in documentaries has given him a unique insight into what excites and engages people, and now he enjoys using these skills to connect with a whole host of individuals and organisations with Mindfully Wired.