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blue marine foundation 

Marine parks - bringing it all back home

In June 2018, Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) and Plymouth City Council organised a conference to discuss whether Marine Parks could be the right vehicle to better conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the UK’s coastal waters.

Mindfully Wired delivered the rapporteuring services, accurately capturing discussions and presentations throughout the day which were fed into a graphically designed report which can be found here


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Environmental Defense Fund 

Climate-related impacts on fisheries management and governance in the North East Atlantic

Mindfully Wired were proud to help the Environmental Defense Fund develop and produce this important and timely report.

The report was delivered on the back of a climate-focussed workshop hosted by the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES) at their headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Twenty-five participants from the region were in attendance representing a cross-section of disciplines covering fisheries and climate science, management, and governance.  As well as providing event facilitation at the workshop, Mindfully Wired edited the report and graphically designed it. Read the report here

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Feasibility of an Aquaculture and Fisheries Research and Development Centre at Brixham Laboratory

Mindfully Wired delivered graphic design and editing services for an exciting new report which presented the findings of a feasibility study for developing a laboratory in Brixham into a dynamic innovation centre for aquaculture and fisheries research and development. Read the full report here.  

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Shark By-Watch UK 2

Research priorities: innovative solutions for reducing by-catch and dead-discards of threatened* sharks, skates & rays. 

The Shark By-Watch UK 2 project was a nationwide program using a regional approach: incorporating the active participation in data gathering of UK fishers, and engaging management bodies, policy makers, retailers and NGOs (alongside the fishing industry) with the investigation. The aim? To improve understanding and reduce dead discarding of elasmobranch species in UK waters.

Mindfully Wired delivered concept development for the brand, communication strategy, strategic outreach planning, event planning and social media and traditional press engagement. We also wrote and designed the final report. Which you can read here.


Prince of Wales' International Sustainability Unit

The Global Transition to Sustainable Fisheries: Taking Stock

We were delighted to be invited to provide support to the Prince of Wales' International Sustainability Unit, as they planned and delivered a high-level, international event: "The Global Transition to Sustainable Fisheries: Taking Stock".

The Mindfully Wired team assisted in planning the event, provided professional photography and rapporteuring. Read the report we produced for the ISU here.

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Participatory Research in Fisheries Science - Good Practice Guide

Mindfully Wired led all communications for GAP2: an exciting international project, bringing together fishers, scientists and policy makers across Europe to build more sustainable fisheries.

We also wrote the participatory report which provides detailed practical information on conducting good participatory research in fisheries science and management. Read it here



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