August 19th, 2020

Meet David Rose; a languages graduate with a keen interest in sustainability and communications, whose search for work experience led him to our seaweed-covered doorstep. David is joining the MWC team for 3 weeks; dipping his toe in the waters of each of our 3 teams, 1 week at a time. So great to have you on board, David!



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This is hardly a good time to be a graduate.

Companies reducing their hires + laying off employees = fewer jobs + a growing pool of highly skilled candidates.

And I didn’t even study maths.

So I was delighted when Mindfully Wired responded to my suggestion that I do a few weeks of work experience with them. I found MWC in my search for creative companies with a social or environmental mission. A place where communications meets sustainability, and imagination meets science.





At university I studied languages. I had learned German through school and loved being able to communicate in a foreign language. When it came to choosing my subjects, I was keen for a challenge that would stretch my communication skills, so I took up Mandarin Chinese as a beginner.

David Rose Exmouth Beach.jpg

Alongside my graduate job search, I’m completing my Master’s thesis on immigration discourse and Brexit.

It’s almost light relief to remember a pre-pandemic time when Brexit was constantly in the news and it felt like one of the biggest challenges facing British society. I never thought I’d feel that Brexit was a simpler time, but I guess that shows how much the world has changed!

I’m fascinated by the uses and abuses of language and how it can promote urgent causes. I’m looking forward to learning more about how MWC makes use of its creative resources to carry out beautiful campaigns and advocate environmental responsibility.

I’m excited to be a part of such a small team and to gain some insight into the design and execution of communications campaigns, and I’m extremely grateful for Katrina and the team for taking me on.

I’ll also get to contribute to projects on environmental protection and marine conservation. It’s not something I know much about, but I’ve already learned that Greenland sharks can live up to 500 years! Perfect trivia for the next pub quiz (whenever that will be!).

I’ll be rotating through the business to work in each of the teams: creative and marketing; science and policy; and events. So whatever the prospects of my job search, I’ll get a flavour of life in creative communications, and discover the possibilities for my future career.



In such a challenging time, we understand the importance of added experience to give future applications the edge. If you’re interested in environmental communications, and are passionate about gaining real industry experience, leave us a comment, and get in touch.

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