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Who We Are

We’re a multi award-winning, values-based communications consultancy underpinned by environmental expertise.

As a small-but-mighty team of scientists, linguists, event-pros, policy-buffs and creatives, we use our broad experience and personal values to tell a new story of sustainability.

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What We Do

Support Behaviour Change

We want individuals to be inspired, recognising and embracing their personal responsibility in creating positive change. We find the everyday meaning of sustainability and social issues, using positive messaging to connect your audience to their values and inspire behaviour change.

Stakeholder Engagement

We work with stakeholders in industry, science, policy and the environment sector, working to ensure all voices are heard. Our experience of these different worlds means we understand different viewpoints and can bridge gaps. We adapt our language appropriately, find the common ground and get people talking.

Inclusive, evidence-based policy

We are dedicated to evidence-based decision making. Through interviews, thorough desk-based research and workshops, we gather multi-stakeholder evidence to help support policy decisions. We are critical, analytical thinkers, able to produce comprehensive reports and impactful policy briefs.

Distil information

We distill complex ideas and exciting research into tangible, relatable and engaging communications. No task is too big: we can transform lengthy, technical reports into bright, public-facing infographics. With a huge network of global contacts, we’ll connect your messages with the people that need to see them.

Advocate for the environment

As a values-based consultancy, we are naturally formed around the 'why' rather than the 'what'. Each one of us has a deep-rooted love for the natural world. We advocate for the environment in everything we do, from choosing to work on projects that deliver a positive impact for the environment; to ensuring our work practices are sustainable.

Impactful creativity

At MWC, we understand that facts alone don’t change the world. Storytelling and imagery can communicate in a more wondrous, human way. We draw on these creative tools to connect your audience to what they value. As a team of naturally creative minds, innovative, impactful design is our hallmark.

Collaborate, co-design, co-create

Whilst our team are all communications experts, we’re also experts in our fields - from marine biology to conservation science, linguistics to the arts and advertising. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We work closely with clients and across our network of contacts, to fuse ideas, experiences and expertise, build partnerships, and craft holistic projects.

Our Clients

Double award-winning behaviour change:

Our fishing safety campaign flipped the story of safety at sea on its head. Fishermen were tired of being told they could die. So we reminded them why they live.


See Home & Dry

To shine a light on projects that strive for positive change, through impactful and easy-to-understand communications. To break down the barriers of complex social and environmental issues, connect them to communities, and inspire people to take action.

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Connecting Parliamentarians to the Fisheries World:

As the Secretariat for the APPG on Fisheries, we have paved the way for inter-sector collaboration through popular public events, high-quality policy briefs and reports, and unique online communications.

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