Who We Are

We’re an award-winning, values-based communications consultancy underpinned by environmental expertise. As a small-but-mighty team of scientists, linguists, event-pros, policy-buffs and creatives, we use our broad experience and personal values to tell a new story of sustainability.

We’re based in Bristol, but – let’s be honest – after 2020 we can work ANYWHERE. We work with a network of contacts across the UK, EU and beyond – from fishermen to advisory councils, and policy makers to coastal advocates.

We’re humans. You’re human (we hope). Our approach is human. We build genuine connections and work collaboratively to create something really special. We are naturally formed around our values.

Mindfully Led

Was there a moment when you realised a company like Mindfully Wired was necessary?

It was when I took a job in a post funded by the European Commission, working on fisheries science projects, that I realised just how different and impenetrable the world of science can be. The screen was full of complicated graphs, people were using fisheries terms like ‘B-lim’ and ‘spawning stock biomass’, which felt so inaccessible. That moment really stands in my mind, as I realised how big the gulf was.

I realised that a company like Mindfully Wired could step in and introduce that creative thinking to complex, technical issues in the environmental sphere. There’s always so much nuance within environmental issues, and so many different ways of expressing that. It’s not about saying any particular way is better – data versus creativity – it’s about trying to find a common ground.

The phrase ‘communications consultancy’ barely scratches the surface of what we do! How would you summarise (in more than just two words) what exactly it is that we do at MWC?

Yes – I agree – ‘comms consultancy’ doesn’t really capture it! Particularly because people may think of communications consultancy as glossy, PR, image-management-type outfit, and actually the whole sector of communications has so many different facets. At our heart we really are a communications consultancy, but we see that as running events, chairing meetings, creating beautiful campaigns, facilitating, distilling information and then sharing it with the right audience.

Why is the work of MWC rooted in values and value-based messaging?

Because MWC has been shaped by what I personally, as an individual, wanted out of a job. I wanted a job that fascinated me, and that I felt good about. ‘Can I sleep at night if I work for this client?’ – that’s the benchmark. I always knew I was going to be structuring the company so that it’s based around its values, first and foremost, and is investing back into itself, rather than be purely commercially-driven. As the company has grown, I’ve tried to inform the way we work by putting myself in the shoes of other people. And that has resulted in something that’s naturally very values-led.

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Our Team

Katrina Ryan


Kathryn Martino

Managing Director

Sara Mynott

Head of Science & Policy

Paul Botterill

Events Manager

Charlotte Browne

Science & Policy Projects Manager

Elle Sibthorpe

Science & Policy Projects Manager

Emily Easman

Science & Policy Projects Manager

Sophie Jones

Creative Projects Manager

Lia ní Aodha

Senior Science & Policy Officer

Benedict Wilson

Science & Policy Coordinator

Joseph Nutt

Senior Creative Communications Officer

Amy Hutchinson

Senior Events Officer

Kim Burke

Senior Design Officer

Chantal Lyons

Bycatch Projects Lead

Jack Walker

Science & Policy Officer

Emily Richardson

Creative Communications Officer

Leonora Ellis

Communications Intern

Charlotte Llewellyn-Smith

Science & Policy Intern

Martha Fitch Little

Operations Manager

George Granville

Head of Finance

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